Synthesis, structural characterization and antimicrobial activity of zirconium(iv) complexeswith schiff bases rearranged frombenzothiazolines

Author(s): K.B.Bansal, Monika Gupta, S.Varshney, A.K.Varshney

Zirconium(IV) complexes of the type [(EtO)2Zr(Bzt)2] where Bzt = anion of Schiff base of monofunctional bidentate benzothiazoline,have been synthesized by the reaction of zirconium ethoxide with sulfur containing ligands in 1:2 molar ratio using dry benzene as reaction medium. Benzothiazolines are prepared by the reaction of 2-acetylfluorene, 4- acetylbiphenyl, 4-tolualdehyde, 4-fluoroacetophenone, 9-acetylanthracene and 9-anthraldehyde with 2-aminothiophenol which on reaction with metal ion rearranges to Schiff bases.These compounds have been characterized by the elemental analysis, conductance and magnetic measurements.Octahedral geometry of the resulting complexeshas been proposed on the basis of UV, IR, 1H, 13C spectral studies. Some of these compoundswere screened for antifungal and antibacterial activities to access the potency of the compounds.

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