Synthesis, spectral and thermal studies on salicylate derivatives of heterobimetallic [Ca(II)-Ti(IV)]-µ- oxoisopropoxide

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar, Jai Devi

The methyl, ethyl and phenyl Salicylate derivatives of heterobimetallic-ì- oxoisopropoxide [CaO2Ti2(OPri)6] have been prepared as a result of many reactions of ì-oxoisopropoxide with methyl Salicylate (HRSAL1), ethyl Salicylate (HRSAL2), and phenyl Salicylate (HRSAL3) in differentmolar ratios (1:1-1:4). The Salicylate derivatives of the type [CaO2Ti2(OPri)6-n (RSAL)n] (where n is 1-4 and RSAL = Salicylate anion) were obtained. The Salicylate derivatives have been characterized by elemental, spectral (IR, 1H, 13CNMR), thermal and molecular weight measurement. Hydrothermally assisted solgel process gives the hydrolyzed product and thermal study of these products favors the formation ofmulticomponent oxides. The studies reveal that Salicylate derivatives are monomeric in nature and low susceptible to hydrolysis as compared to parent compound and may prove excellent precursors for the mixed metal oxides.

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