Synthesis of Organic Polymers Layers Used in Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Studying its Optical and Electrical Properties

Author(s): Batal MA and Al Yamani K*

Transparent Conductive Oxide/Polyaniline (TCO/PANI) and Transparent Conductive Oxide/Electrolyte Layer/Polyaniline (TCO/EL/PANI) matrix were prepared. Their optical properties reveal a wide band absorption spectrum, PL spectrum have a wide range of emission spectrum in blue region. Electrical properties of DC measurement show low junction series resistance of prepared matrix at room temperature (Rs ≈ 34.96 Ω for TCO/PANI and 23.64 Ω for TCO/EL/PANI). Ideal factor and reverse saturation current were determined at room temperature and found to be (n=10.36, I0=2.13 mA for TCO/PANI and n=8.68, I0=2.1 mA for TCO/EL/PANI). Dimension of electrical conductivity for the prepared matrix sample (TCO/PANI) found to have three-dimensional hopping electrical transport, other parameters calculated as Mott’s characteristic temperature T0 and electrical conductivity (T0=4.58 × 106 K and σ0=843.36 (Ω.m)-1) hopping distance and hopping energy were calculated Rhop=33.34 Å, Whop=71.9 meV respectively.

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