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Synthesis, characterization and thermal study of the interacted polymolybdate

Author(s): SubrataChatterjee,Dr.P.P.Jha

One new heteropoly complex is prepared containing Co2+ and V5+ in dilute acetic acid medium at pH 4.7 after cooling the refluxed mixtured white coloured solid residue was recovered. After three days the residue was washed with moderately concentrated ethanol and dried. The elemental analysis of the residue was performed as suggested by the text book of quantitative chemical Analysis by ‘Vogel’. The percentage analysis of the constituent elements of triheteropoly complex synthesized was determined chemically. The IR spectrumstudies and the thermal analysis based on TGA and DTA curves of the polymolybdate complex confirm its chemical composition as (NH4 +)5 [Co V Mo12 O42] 29H2O. The stability of the isolated triheteropoly molybdate complex was determined by applying thermogravimatric and differential thermal analysis. The results of the both types of thermal stability of the complex in air. The composition of the residue product on the basis of elemental analysis is assigned as (NH4 +)5 [Co V Mo12 O42] 29H2O

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