Synthesis, characterization and quantum chemical investigation of iron(II) tris(1,10-phenanthroline complexes)

Author(s): B.Semire, M.A.Olandipo, I.O.Adeoye

Iron (II) complex of 1,10-Phananthroline was synthesized and isolated. The compound was characterized bymicroanalysis,magnetic susceptibility, Infrared and electronic spectra measurements. The room temperature magnetic moment of the complex suggests that it is a diamagnetic compound. Quantumchemical calculations atMM3 and PM3 of semi-empirical method show that bond lengths and bond angles are in good agreement with experimental results. However, there are some deviations, the largest deviations observed in bond lengths is 0.075(Å) while that of the bond angles is 4.99(Å) for PM3 calculations.

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