Synthesis and electrical properties of lacunar lead apatites Pb8Na2-xLix(VO4)6

Author(s): Emna Chakroun-Ouadhour, Riadh Ternane, Fethia Chehimi-Moumen, Dalila Ben Hassen-Chehimi, Malika Trabelsi-Ayadi

In order to obtain information about the electrical properties of Pb8Na2- xLix(VO4)6 (0  x  2) apatites crystallizing in the anionic-deficient apatite structure, the compounds were synthesized and characterized by powder X-ray diffraction and infrared (IR) absorption spectroscopy. Electrical properties of the materials have been studied by the complex impedance spectroscopy. Correlations between electrical and structural properties are established.

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