Synthesis and characterization of somemetalcomplexesderived from L-lysine dihydrochloridewith somemetal ionsbytribochemical reactions

Author(s): Abdel FattahM.Badawi, EmanM.Shoukry, Mona F.Amin,MonaA.Mohamed, Aml G.Moustafa, MohsenM.Mostafa

Four new complexes with the general formula, R2[MCl4](R=L-lysine dihyrochloride),were synthesized by grinding L-lysinedihyrochloride and MX2 in the solid state in a mortarbytribochemical reaction. The isolated complexes with the general formula, R2[MCl4], derived fromCu2+,Ba2+,Cd2+ and Pd2+chloridesarecharacterized by elemental analyses, conductivities, spectral (IR, UV-Vis, Far-IR)and magnetic measurements. Spectral and magnetic measurements suggest that the metal ions form tetrahedral geometry around the metal ion. The [MCl4] anion and its counter ions are connected through a hydrogen bonds between Cl of the anion and OH (carboxylate)formingO-H···Cl interaction. Molar conductance values of complexes suggest the electrolytic nature of these complexes in DMSO but easily dissociated in H2O indicating that the hydrogen bond formed is very weak. The results of Far-IR spectra suggest the stretching and bendingvibrations of M-Cl. Also, the isolated complexes were tested against different types of cancer and some the complexes give promising results.

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