Synthesis and characterization of Mn(II) and Cu(II) complexes comprising ketoazosulphapyrimidine

Author(s): A.M.Aly, Abd El-Aziz Y.El-Sayed, Khairy Abd El-Aal

p[pÂ’(2-Pyrimidinyl) sulphonyl benzene]azoacetylacetone(L1), p[pÂ’(2- pyrimidinyl) sulphonyl benzene]azoethylacetoester(L2) and theirMn (II) and Cu (II) complexes were prepared and characterized based on elemental analysis, FT-IR and electronic spectral studies, thermal analysis, scanning electronmicroscope (SEM) andX-ray powder diffraction. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) was used to follow up the thermal decomposition steps of the ligands and theirmetal complexes.Fromthe X-ray data, the crystal lattice parameterswere computed for two of the complexes.The antimicrobial activity of some synthesized compounds was tested against six fungal and five bacterial species.

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