Synthesis and characterization of dimeric palladium (II) complexes containing tetradentate N-donor ligands

Author(s): S.Chakrabarty,B.Nath,A.Ahmed, S.Bhattacherjee

The N-donor tetradentate complexes of Pd(II) display considerable interesting properties. The N-donor tetradentate complexes of the type [Pd2LCl4] {L=N1, N2-bis-(2-pyridinylmethylene)-1,4-diacetyldihydiimine(L1) and N1,N2-bis-(2-pyridinyl-methylene)-1,2-ethylenediimine(L2)} has been synthesized by refluxing a clear solution of PdCl2 taken in acetonitrilewith ligand L (L1 and L2). The synthesized complexes have been characterized by elemental analysis,molecularweight,magnetic susceptibilitymeasurement,FTIR, UV-Visible,1HNMRand conductivitymeasurements. The complexes have been conjecture to posses a tetra coordinate geometry around the Pd(II) centre where two Pd-atoms are in trans with respect to the C-C single bond.

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