Synthesis and characterization of a trinuclear cobalt complex with acetate as bridge and O-Phenylenediamine as terminal ligand

Author(s): Hosein Ali Rasekh,Mohammad Saeid Bayati* Sara Vaezzade

Atrinuclear cobalt complex [Co3(CH3COO)6(O-Phenylenediamine)2] has been synthesized fromthe reaction of cobalt acetate with O-Phenylenediamine in DMF. The complex was characterized by element analysis, melting point, Uv/visible 1HNMR and FT-IR spectroscopic methods.Analytical and spectroscopic data indicate that the structure of [Co3(CH3COO)6(O-Phenylenediamine) 2] consist of trinuclear cobalt unit, coordinated by two terminal ligand O-Phenylenediamine groups, and six CH3COOÉ groups featuring another kinds of bonding mode.

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