Synthesis and characterisation of new tricarbonyl (1-4- ç -cyclohexa-1, 3-diene)-N- anilino iron complexes

Author(s): T.I.Odiaka, I.A.Adejoro, O.F.Akinyele

X substituted anilines (X=3-NO2, 4-NO2, 2-Me, 3-Me and 4-Me) have been shown to act as nucleophiles to the organometallic cation [(Fe(CO)3 (1-5- ç - 2-MeOC6H6)] BF4and [(Fe(CO)3 (1-5- ç -C6-H7)] BF4.This paper presents the nucleophilic addition of the substituted anilines to the dienyl ring of the organometallic complex to give new anilinocyclohexa-1,3-diene iron tricarbonyl complexes. The reaction which takes place at room temperature gives Products which were isolated and characterized.

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