Synthesis and characterisation of boron complexes with Schiff bases rearranged from benzothiazolines

Author(s): A.K.Varshney, Shilpa Sharma, Monica Bedi, Sushil Gurjar, S.Varshney

The present paper is a report on the synthesis of some new coordination compounds by the reactions of triisopropoxyborane with sulfur containing ligands. Ligands used in these reactions are benzothiazolines prepared by the reaction of p-tolualdehyde, 4-acetylbiphenyl, 9-anthraldehyde, 4- fluoroacetophenone and 2-acetylfluorene with o-aminothiophenol which on reactionwithmetal ion rearrange to Schiff bases. Characterization and structure elucidation of the complexes are achieved by elemental analysis, electronic, infrared, 1H spectral studies. The potency of the synthesized compounds have been assessed by growth inhibiting potential of the complexes against variety of fungal and bacterial strains.

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