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Suitability of maize cob particles and recycled low density polyethylene for particleboard manufacturing

Author(s): U.D.Idris, V.S.Aigbodion, R.M.Gadzama, T.Y.Ahmed

The aimof this studywas to investigate the suitability ofmaize cob particles and recycled low density polyethylene(RLDPE) as a raw material for particleboardmanufacturing. The board was produced by varying RLDPE from 30-70wt%at 10wt%interval. Themicrostructure, physical (thickness swelling (TS), water absorption (WA)), and mechanical (modulus of rupture (MOR), modulus of elasticity (MOE), internal bond (IB)) properties of particleboards were determined. The results showed that the WA and TS values were moderate, the MOR exceed the minimum requirements of the European standards, for general purpose.All of the particleboards produced had IB higher than the requirement. Hence maize cob particles and RLDPE can be used as a substitute to wood- formaldehyde based particleboard for general purpose applications.

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