Study the concentration of radon gas in groundwater in the selected samples of the province of Babel/ Iraq

Author(s): Inaam H.Kadhim, Iman Hmood Al-shimmary, Oday H.R.Al–Bodairy

In this studymeasuring concentrations of radon in water for Hilla province of Babel (100Km) south of capital Baghdad.Was chosen as the groundwater study by 22 samples from22 regions by using the electronic radon detector RAD7, and the average concentration of radon was (2.49 ± 0.54) Bq.L-1, where the highest value (7.92 ± 0.52) Bq.L-1 and the lowest value (0.54 ± 0.49) Bq.L-1 and effective dose for human exposure to radon was (0.14) mSv.y-1. Has been chosen this subject of the current study of the importance of water in human life and living, and the lack of previous studies in the study area.

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