Study on the adsorption characteristica of expanded graphite for phenyl organic molecules

Author(s): Xiu-yan Pang, Li-li Zhang, Li-juan Xu,Ya-juan Su

Adsorption characteristics of expanded graphite (EG) for phenyl organic molecules in single component solution have been investigated. Four used adsorbates are Phenol, Benzoic acid, Benzenesulfonic acid and PMethylbenzene sulfonic acid. EG is characterized by expanded volume, specific surface area and pore cubage. Adsorption isotherm, Langmuir constants and free energy change ( G°) are detected and calculated, respectively. Influence of pH, temperature and ion strength on adsorption capacity of EG is investigated. It is demonstrated that adsorption of phenyl organic molecules on EG are multilayer, and the process is spontaneous. Both molecular weight and molecular structure of these adsorbates affect saturation adsorbance. High ion strength and proper pH can improve adsorption capacity. There isn’t obvious relationship between equilibrium adsorbance and temperature.Adsorption capacity of EG for phenol organic molecular is low.

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