Study of the pollutants in wastewater from edible oil/ghee industries and their impacts on plant life, Islamabad, Pakistan

Author(s): Muhammad Zaheer Afzal, Dr.Muhammad Ikram, Shazia Israr

Present study was conducted for the analysis of pollution load in the wastewater from edible oil and ghee industries of Islamabad. For this purpose randomly fifteen (15) samples from five (5) industrial units in triplicate were collected and various physical and chemical parameters were analyzed. The observed data were compared with the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) of Pakistan and it was observed that majority of the wastewater samples contained pollutants beyond the permissible limits. Due to open disposal of untreated wastewater, the environmental issue of underground/surface water quality around the industrial area has been badly deteriorated over the past several years resulting in the de-oxygenation which could be harmful for aquatic life.

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