Study of recovery ratio of solar still as basic parameter in prediction of performance

Author(s): Mohsen Roosta, Farshad Farahbod,Taleb Zarei

The problem of lack of fresh water can be solved by using these technologies especially desalination, but it face both unlimited amount of nonrenewable energy sources and the global warming of climate change. In addition electrical energy sources using coal, wood, gas and oil generate large amounts of pollution or carbon dioxide emissions, thereby posing health risks. Non-saline water that can be readily abstracted for domestic and industrial use is only available from lakes, rivers and from aquifers. This finite volume of water is increasingly contaminated by human activities.Moreover several regions of the world including Iran are already encountering the problem of freshwater shortage. This work represents a novel mature method for producing sweet water from effluent waste water and generating electricity using renewable energy sources, solar energy specifically.

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