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Studies on the interacted polytungstate preparation and characterization

Author(s): Alok Kumar Thakur, Rajesh Kumar, R.R.Jha, S.Misra

The interacted polytungstate complex was prepared containing Mn2+ and V5+ hetero cations associated with polytungstateanion [W10O39]-18 by conventional method. The medium for the preparation of the triheteropolycomplex is kept at pH 4.5 by mixing appropriate quantities of glacialacetic acid and refluxed for two and half hours. By cooling the refluxed mixture bright brown coloured solid residue after three days was recovered. The residue was washed with moderate concentrated ethanol and dried. The elemental analysis of the residue was performed as suggested by the text book of Quantitative Chemical Analysis by ‘Vogel’. The percentage analysis of the constituent elements of triheteropolycomplex synthesized, the I.R. spectrum studies and the thermal analysis based on TGA and DTA curves of the polytungstate complex confirm its chemical composition as Na6[MnV2W10O39]14H2O. Further the thermal analysis of the triheteropolytungstate indicate the measure weight losses in between 250C to 1200C and then further heating up to 3330C with DTA exothermic peaks maxima at 74.47 and 107.990C and also a sharp DTA exothermic peak maxima at 325.310C. The magnetic moment measurement at room temperature suggests the para-magnetic properties of the triheteropolycomplex residue.

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