Studies on hexavalent chromium removal from aqueous solution in a fixed column using saw dust as an adsorbent

Author(s): B.Niranjana Rao, D.Latha, Ch.Pavan Kumar, K.Venkatesh, R.Siva Srinivas

In the present work, studied the performance of an adsorbent such as saw dust, which is less in cost and easily available. The saw dust was used for the removal of chromium (VI) from an adsorbate solution, which was prepared as the quality of effluent of both electroplating industry and tannery industry. The adsorbentmaterial was found to be an efficientmedia for removal of Chromium (VI) ion in continuous mode using the fixed bed isothermal adsorption column. A comparative study has been done on the adsorption capacity of different sizes of saw dust. The column studies were conducted with column diameter of 7 cmand bed height of 40 cm. The flow rate of solution passing through the adsorbent bed was maintained at a constant rate of 1litre/min. It was found that the percentage removal of Chromium(VI) ion decreased initially further it was increased with the decrease in initial concentration of chromium(VI). Itwas also observed that the order of adsorption capacity of different sizes of saw dust forChromium(VI)was as follows: 0.353mm> 0.767mm>1.379mm.The results were shown that the sawdust is an efficient adsorbent for the removal of Cr (VI) from industrial effluent. The percentage removal of chromium reaches 95% with increasing contact time.

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