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Structural comparative studies on new PtIV complex derived from 2,4,6-tri-(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine (TPTZ)

Author(s): W.H.Al-Assy, A.H.El-Askalany, M.M.Mostafa

The structure of a new PtIV complex, [Pt3 IV(TPTZ)Cl8].2H2O.4Cl, was established and characterized by elemental analyses, spectral, magnetic, thermal and cyclic voltammetry measurements. Electronic spectra of the complex suggest distorted-octahedral structures around the PtIV ion. The HOMO, LUMOand otherDFT parameters on the atoms have been calculated to confirm the geometry of the ligand and the complexes using material studio program. The redox properties were investigated by cyclic voltammetry. Kinetic parameters were determined using Coats-Redfern and Horowitz-Metzger methods. The results of biological activity for the PtIV complexes promised to be effective in tumour treatment.

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