Stomatal distribution in selected loranthaceae members and its significance on parasitism

Author(s): T.Girija, V.C.Vijaya

Mistletoes are specialized flowering adapted for parasitic life. The hemiparasitic plants belonging to loranthaceae have haustorial connection between the host and the parasite which is the pathway for the movement of water and nutrient from the xylem sap of the host to the parasite. A gradient in water potential is essential for this which is provided by the stomata. The present study was undertaken to identify the variation in stomatal type, density and also stomatal index in six Loranthaceaemembers found in the state of Kerala. All the species studied were amphistomatous with polygonal epidermal cells and paracytic stomata. However stomatal density and stomatal index varied from one species to another. Stomatal index and stomatal distribution was found to be related with the ecological distribution of the species.

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