Statistical analysis of the most important obstacles that face the employees in environmental tourism sector in Aqaba/Jordan

Author(s): Sana’aOdat

The aim of this study was to identify the difficulties and obstacles that face tourism sector employees mentioning the special, social, cultural and economical dimensions. This was done through studying 500 items fromsome of the hotels inAqaba using the quantitive inductive method to analyze the variance as a tool for collecting field information. This study found that the most important obstacles that face those employees are represented basically in the social obstacles including the negative viewpoint of the society toward those who work in tourism sector, the environment and social circumstances regarding habits and customs in family and society as well as the absence of beliefs about the importance of this kind of industry as a domain of work. This study recommends that new specializations and new touristic sections should be opened and be available in many areas of the kingdom especially in the cites that are considered new touristic places. Moreover, the local societies should be prepared in order to accept the idea regarding the importance of working in tourism industry. Also the suitable job qualities should be set regarding academic and practical qualifications in order to encourage working in this sector.

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