Spectrochemical study and effect of high energatic gamma ray on copper (II) complexes

Author(s): Synthesis, Complexes, IR, TGA, X-ray, Energatic ã-irradiation.

Series of copper (II) complexes of 2- phenylaminoacetyl-N-phenylhydrazine carbthioamide (H2L) has been prepared and characterized by elemental and analyses, IR, electronic spectra, magnetic moment,molar conductance measurements, thermogravimetric analyses and X-ray diffraction pattern. The IR data before and after ã- irradiation reveal that the ligand behaves as neutral, monobasic bidentate coordination of copper ion via the carbonyl group or enolic oxygen group, NH group and thiol sulphr atomgroup in complex B2. The molar conductance data reveal that the chelates are nonelectrolytes. Fromthe electronic spectra and magnetic moment data, the complexes were found to have octahedral and square planar geometrical structures. The thermal behavior of these chelates before and after ã-irradiation induced more thermal stability after radiation. The X-ray diffraction patterns before and after ã- irradiation suffer partial damage after irradiation.

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