Spectral and structural studies of transition metal complexes of thiosemicarbazone

Author(s): Tahani I.Kashar

Mononuclear transition metal complexes with ONS donor phenylhydrazoethylacetoacetate thiosemicarbazone ligand (H2L) were prepared. On the basis of the results fromvarious physico-chemical and spectral studies the ligand behaves as tridentate in all complexes. The solid state ESR spectrumof [Cu(HL)Cl]H2Ocomplex shows an axial type symmetrywith dx2- y2 ground state and an essentially square – planar geometry around the Cu(II) ionwhereas for [Co(HL)Cl]H2Ocharacteristic of tetrahedral geometry. TGAand DTAshowed that the complexes are thermally stable decomposed above 250 C.

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