Sorption isotherms for decolourization and hardness removal from buddha drain effluent using acid activated carbons

Author(s): Simmi Goel, Bhavpreet Kaur

The use of rice husk and saw dust as a low cost natural adsorbent for decolorization and hardness removal from Buddha Drain waste effluent was studied. Batch experiments were conducted to determine the effects of varying adsorbent loading, pH, contact time, agitation speed and concentration of effluent on rate of adsorption. The%decolorization was found to bemaximum(90-94%) at pH2, contact time of 70-80minutes, agitation speed of 120rpm, sorbent dosage of 4g/100ml for both the biosorbents. Rice husk was found to be better sorbent as compared to sawdust in terms of color and hardness removal. Langmuir isotherm obtained from linear form of Langmuir 1 was found to be more suitable as compared to Freundlich isotherm for adsorption.

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