Some physical and chemical conditions affecting the ecology of mosquitoes (Diptera, Culicidea) in the gharb’s plain and in the cities of rabat and salé (Morocco)

Author(s): Hafida Allami, Mostafa Slim, Ebrahim Al Washali, Sara Sassa, Fatma Ben Messaoud, Mohamed Fadli

The Gharb plain is one of the richest areas in surface water. This wealth promotes great biodiversity of aquatic and aerial fauna,especially theDiptera Culicidae insects. Unfortunately, many species of these flies are harmful by their bites and by their possibility of transmitting diseases to humans and animals. So, the knowledge the ecology of these insects is useful for any fight against pests. In this work we are interested in studying the influence of the main physico-chemical factors in the ecology of larvae of 13 species of Culicidae which were harvested in ten major hydro-systems located in the Gharb plain and the urban areas of both cities Rabat - Salé (Morocco). The results showed that the water temperature, pH, conductivity, total alkalinity, its calcium and magnesia hardness, its degree of oxidizability, the concentrations in water of chlorides, nitrates and nitrites all combine their influences to determine their effects favorable, or unfavorable, on the development and the geographical distribution of species. Thus, for a given environment, if the physico-chemical conditions are known, we could deduce the potential systematic structure of the settlement in Culicidae Diptera of this environment.

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