Some additives as potential alternative sources for lanthanides separation fromAbu-Tartur phosphate ore, Egypt

Author(s): AhmedR.Bakry

The lanthanides content of Abu-Tartur phosphate rock deposites (0.18%) have properly been recovered. Using amixed acid “ salt of HNO3“ Ca(NO3)2 and convenient leaching conditions, it has been possible to obtain a Ln leaching efficiency exceeding 94%. This has been possible after adjusting the leaching conditions in a manner to control the fluoride ion concentrations. Fromthe obtained phosphoric solution, the Ln values were recovered via the cation exchange resin Dowex50W-X8. Under the working conditions the latter was practically saturated with about 35g Ln l-1wsr while its calculated theoretical capacity would attain about 85g Ln l-1. The purity of the final Ln2O3 product was found to exceed 91%.

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