Solution electrophoresis technique in the study of biologically important Fe(III)/ Ni(II) - Norvaline binary complex

Author(s): Praveen P.Singh, R.K.P.Singh, D.K.Gupta

Anewmethod solution electrophoresis, involving the use of a ionophoretic technique is described for the study of Fe(III) and Ni(II) biologically important binary complexeswith norvaline in solution. The stability constants of ML andML2 complexes of Fe(III) – norvaline and Ni(II) – norvaline system have been found to be (9.15 ± 0.05, 7.65 ± 0.04) and (5.48 ± 0.02, 4.55 ± 0.03) (logarithmstability constant values), respectively at 25 0C and ionic strength (µ) = 0.1 M (HClO4).

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