Solar photocatalytic degradation of azo dye ponceau BS through applying alternative developed photocatalyst MBIR Dowex 11

Author(s): Munesh Meena, R.C.Meena

The carcinogenic compounds are major constituent of industrial effluents. Various approaches have been developed to remove organic dyes from the natural environment.An alternate photocatalytic process based on methylene blue immobilized resin (MBIR) Dowex 11 was used to treat Ponceau BS textile azo dye. The effect of operational parameters such as catalyst dose, concentration of dye, pH of the solution, light intensity and dissolved oxygen on dye removal efficiency of Ponceau BS in water has been investigated. Kinetic analysis indicates that the photodegradation rate of azo dye can usually be approximated as pseudo-first-order kinetics. The dye solution could be completely decolorized and effectivelymineralized, with average removal efficiency larger than 97% for a photocatalytic reaction time of 2:40 hrs. The mechanism of degradation and FTIR spectra are also discussed.

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