Soil Pollution By Malachite Green Dye And Dye Recovery From Effluent.

Author(s): C.Kannan, A.Selvaraj, T.T.Sundaram, T.Palvannan

Silica and water are the major constituents in the earth. Hence silica was used as adsorbent for determine the pollution tendency between soil and ground water. This was analyzed by adopting two step processes of adsorption and desorption. The silica was characterized with FT-IR, BET surface area and active site analysis. The experimental conditions for adsorption step like contact time, concentration of dye solution, temperature, pH and dosage of silica were studied. The maximum uptake was observed at 6 hrs contact time and pH 5 to 7. The concentration effect had been studied between 50 to 300 ppm and observed that adsorption decreases with increase the concentration, but adsorption increases with increase of silica dosage from 50 to 450mg. The temperature effect had been evaluated between 30 to 900C and observed that the adsorption increases upto 800C and decreases above the temperature. Then the desorption step of malachite green from silica surface had been studied by using solvents like water, ethanol, methanol and oxalic acid(0.1%) and found that desorption increases in the order of water

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