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Smart Recycling Waste Identificarion to Tackle Informal Workers

Author(s): SADRI B

The Traditional waste collection system is running well in the cities of the territory of Iran, there are formal workers further informal workers as a part of the mainstream and resource management system that are handling separation of waste at source duties instead of urban dwellers who are facing with loss of aesthetic values of their city in hourly manner. no small plastic bag remains in the strewed waste bins to serve circular economy from this disgusting perspective, even though uncontrolled waste collection, recycling, treatment and disposal is likely to have health impacts on such workers (Global WM outlook 2015) and contains dispersal of contamination and debris. Undoubtedly, it doesn’t sound effective and environmentally waste management where contributes to a clean city and a pleasant and healthy living environment, which is attractive to residents and visitors. To tackle the conditions the key would be engagement of citizens in the separation of waste at source duties. a service design approach compatible to existed facilities is employed in the research to figure out a potential smart waste segregation system where citizens could gain some incentives as they throw or lose if do not engage, all smart waste technologies pivot on basic feature of smart identification as an important element which could be developed for any local facilities to validate different personas of customers by different methods and provide detailed data for waste management.

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