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Sintering of porous hydroxyapatite implant prepared with hybrid fabrication routes

Author(s): Y.M.Z.Ahmed, S.M.El-Sheikh, Z.I.Zaki, E.M.M.Ewais

Porous hydroxyapatite sintered samples possesses suitable chemical, physical and mechanical properties were successfully prepared using combining forming techniques. Starch consolidation (using native potato starch) and pore forming (using hydrogen peroxide) techniques were applied in this concern. The chemical, physical and mechanical properties of the consolidated samples after sintering were studied. The chemical properties of the sintered samples in terms of phase analysis using XRD and FT-IR analysis proves that, while, both potato starch and sintering temperature influence the phase composition of the final sintered samples the hydrogen peroxide addition not show any effect. A hydrogen peroxide amount was found to have a tremendous effect on both physical and mechanical properties of the final sintered samples. The apparent porosity was found to highly increase from ~25% to ~ 70% with increasing the hydrogen peroxide amount from 0 to 5 wt.%, respectively. While, the pore size distributionwas found to be highly changed frommono-modal tomultimodal type with increasing peroxide amount from0 to 5 wt.%, respectively. On the other hand, the compressive strength of the final sintered samples was found to be highly retarded with increasing peroxide amount. For porous samples having higher porosity (with 5 wt.%H2O2 addition), beside, it shows a suitable porosity and pore size distribution, it was found to possess a reasonable compressive strength for being applied as implant.

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