Role Of Detritus On Trace Metals In Wetland-Terrestrial Systems: A Review

Author(s): Belasenti Anjan Kumar Prusty, Parapurath Abdul Azeez

Mass settling of the detritus through the overlying water column results in their accumulation at the bed surface of aquatic bodies (wetlands, lakes, ocean etc.). This review attempts brief description about the processes that start soon after the deposition of detrital matter resulting in formation of relatively stable end product, the humus that plays a major role in pedochemical processes. This review discusses the interaction (Complexation) between humus (Natural organic matter in soil/sediments) and trace metals, which determines their fate in aquatic systems, specifically wetlands. The activities of metal ions at the binding sites, the common methods used to study complexation of humic substances with metal elements are also talked over. The limitations of the instrumental methods in studying the complexation process and its possible solutions are focussed in this section. In this context certain aspects of trace metal(Bio) availability, distribution and mobility are also discussed. In addition, this review provides a brief overview of chemical speciation of trace metals in the system.

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