Removal of Cd2+ ions from water and waste water by complex formation with cadion2b and extraction the complex with magnetic nano particles

Author(s): M.Pakniat, S.Hashemnia, J.khodaveisi, A.Naderi

The objective of this research is the promotion of new ways of removal of Cd (II) ions from water and wastewater that may cause hazardous health effects. In this study, was used cadion-2B(4-(4-Nitro-1-naphthyl-2- triazeno) for complex formation with cadmiumand extraction the complex with magnetic nanoparticle. Synthesized magnetite nanoparticles with coprecipitation method and TEM, XRD were used to characterization of the synthesized magnetite nanoparticles. XRD results showed that the synthesized magnetite particles and TEM results showed that the diameter of the particles is 40-60 nm. For better extraction of cadmium ions parameters such as pH, contact time, amount of magnetite nanoparticles, and concentration of cadion-2B were optimized. Maximum removal of Cd(II) ions was obtained at pH=6,magnetic nanoparticles =50(mg/ L),cadion-2B=40(mg/L) and adsorption equilibrium was achieved in 30 min. The adsorption data obeyed the Langmuir equation with a maximum adsorption capacity of 151.5(mg/g) at 25oC. Absorbent after reaction with cadmium ions by a magnet outside from environment. The amount of cadmium ions removed by FAA determined. The results indicated that magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs)can be used as an effective adsorbent for extraction of cadmium ions complex from contaminated water and wastewater sources.

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