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Recycling of spent mushroom substrate to vermicompost

Author(s): Pushpa S.Murthy, H.K.Manonmani

Investigations were made to recycle spent mushroom substrate (SMS) for the production of vermicompost using earthworms (Eisenia foetida). Spent mushroomsubstrate (SMS) was obtained after harvestingmushroomgrown on coffee industry wastes. This Spent mushroom substrate has a fibrous material content, which improves soil physical properties and biological activity. Different combinations of spent mushroom substrate, cowdung and farmyard manure were tried for vermicomposting. Maximum growth and cocoons productionwas recorded in vermireactor containing cowdung and SMS. The C/N ratio of vermicompost reduced to 9:35 from 52:2. The nutrient composition of the vermicast thus produced was of good quality. Based on investigations it is concluded that recycling of SMS generated after utilizing coffee wastes can be potentially used as a raw material for vermicomposting. Recycling/waste management of Coffee industrywastes (primary) to Spent mushroom substarate (secondary wastes) and further to vermicompost is reported from our findings. The transition from chemical nutrition to bionutrition can be sustained with out affecting the ecological processes.

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