Recovery of wastewater of textile industrial effluent by resin based photo catalyst in newly developed photo reactor.

Author(s): R.B.Pachwarya, R.C.Meena

Photo catalytic degradation of Chicago sky Blue 6 B (Direct Blue 1) (CSB- 6B) in recently developed photo catalytic reactor using recently developed photo catalyst Methylene Blue Immobilized Resin Dowex-11. This is successfully applied for degradation of dye pollutants of wastewater of textile industries. The reactor is made of glass slides (tubes) coated with a thinfilmofMethylene blue Immobilized Resin Dowex-11 with the help of suitable and non-reactive adhesive, the model dyes solution is continues recycles from reactor for 3 hour in a recirculation mode under various conditions (with/without catalyst, with/without light radiation, variation in: catalyst amount, dyes concentration, light intensities, pH). The removal efficiencywas evaluated usingUV/Visible spectrophotometer at ë max= 618 nm for dye CSB-6B). The degradation efficiency was very good and we obtained 99.9%transparent water in 3 hour at pH 9.

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