Recovery of cadmium (II) by supported liquid membrane using triethanolamine as mobile carrier

Author(s): Mohammad Waqar Ashraf , A.Bukhari

The transport of cadmiumions through a supported liquid membrane containing triethanolamine (TEA) as mobile carrier has been studied. The effects ofCd(II) concentration, HCl in feed and carrier concentration inmembrane has been studied. Cd(II) concentration increase in feed leads to an increase in flux from 2.1ï‚´10-7 to 8.4ï‚´10-7mol-cm-2 -sec-1 within Cd(II) ions concentration range (2.7ï‚´10-4M-16.37ï‚´10-4M) at 2.0MHCl in the feed and 3.0Mtriethanolamine in themembrane. Increase inH+ ion concentration from0.5Mto 3.0Mresults in an increase inCd(II) ions flux but a decrease is observed beyond 2.0M HCl concentration in feed. Increase in carrier concentration in the liquid inside themembrane enhances the fluxwith itsmaxima at 3.0Mcarrier. Further increase in the concentration of TEA leads to a decrease in transport due increase in viscosity of membrane liquid. The optimum conditions for Cd(II) ions transport are, 2.0M HCl in feed, 3.0M TEA in membrane, 0.1M NaOH as strip solution. Similar transport characteristics have been observed for Cd-EDTAcomplexed anions across TEA-cyclohexanone based SLM, thus indicating a cadmium anion transport coupled with protons and chloride or EDTAco-ions.

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