Reclaim, reuse and recycle (3 Rs) of waste water and go green strategy by ESSAR pelletization plant in Visakhapatnam(India) -A case study

Author(s): Vazeer Mahamood, V.Chandraiah

Growing population, industries, agricultural practices, and urbanization have increased the water demand. Availability of drinking water is becoming a serious issue to manage. To fight the growing water stress, reclaiming and reusing of treated waste water for various day-to-day activities except for drinking purpose is necessary. A serious thinking and strong commitment of reuse of waste water may bridge the gap between supply and demand of water in the future.Waste water produced fromresidential area is collected through under ground drainages system and treated at waste water treatment plants located at 3 locations ofVisakhapatnam. The Total waste water (W.W) produced is 140MLD and if at least 25%is reused by power&steel industries around the city, there would be great saving of about 20% on daily drawl on the surface freshwater sources. ESSAR Pelletization plant is the pioneer industry that is using water for cooling towers, coke ovens, air stabilization units. Fresh water usage by ESSAR Pelletization plant is 8.4 MLD and to reduce expenditure on fresh water purchase, it is using 3.6 MLD of treatedwastewater ofGVMCfor last 8months. The capital cost for developing W.W System is realized in less them 30 months. Monthly expenditure on the purchase of fresh water has drastically reduced from Rs. 70.00 lakhs permonth to Rs 44.00 lakhs due to utilization of treatedW.Wfor 42%of its daily usage.After recycle the same water is reused for gardening, vegetation, washing the roads, plant washings etc., By conservation & optimumutility ofwater and waste water., Go Green Strategy is followed by the industry.

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