Rainwater harvesting: The best alternative water supply in the future

Author(s): M.G.Landge, S.S.Badade, B.V.Kendre

“Although water is nature’s most wonderful, abundant and useful compound, yet is also the most misused one” Water is very common substance due to its extraordinary features which often go unnoticed.Where, we are going to explain whywater is one of the most unusual as well as one of the most abundant substances on the earth. It plays an important role in the biosphere. It is an essential and the principal component of living organism and also vital life processes. Its prominent use in agriculture industries and domestic need is well known. Human withdraws fresh water from lakes, ponds, rivers, wells and tube wells etc. Increase in population and expansion of industries and agriculture have increased the demand of water in manifolds. This increasing demand for water became necessities for its conservation.

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