Radiological, physio-chemical and biological analysis of water quality of river Ganga in relation to pollution

Author(s): Dipak Ghosh, Argha Deb, Rosalima Sengupta, Satarupa Mitra, Sheela Roy, Mithun Das, Koushik Sadhukhan, Siddhartha Dutta

The River Ganga and its tributaries are the main water resource in Northern India. The increasing pollution level of this river is of great concern in current days. To investigate how particulate materials and the toxicity of a polluted river can affect the human lives, In this present study, river water samples fromNaihati and Batanagar-the two most highly polluted riverside regions of the River Ganga were collected upstream, downstream and discharge site and analysed for physical, chemical and radiological endpoints. The study reveals high chemical as well as radiological contamination level at discharge site that is of great concern for public health. The macrobenthic fauna structure has also been studied at both the stations.

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