Radiation doses arising fromdepleted uraniumshells

Author(s): MohammedEldaghmah

This paper is mainly theoretical surveying the use and the reported effect of DU on human body. The DU has been used in the Gulf War of 1991, during the bombings of NATO / UN over the Serbian Republic of Bosnia in September 1995, against Yugoslavia in spring 1999; during the attack on Afghanistan and then further in Iraq in 2003. DU has been used in Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza- strip in 2008. Furthermore; there are reports that NATO has been using depleted uranium in Libya in 2011. Recently, international reports from hospitals in Fallujah Province in Iraq, blamed depleted uraniumfor birth defects and cancers in Iraq. The calculated dose in this work arising from the exposure of human to DU dust after the explosion of the DU shell would reach more than 1.6×106 rem/hr.

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