Preparation and multinuclear NMR study of 1-(3-nitrophenyl)-2-(triphenyl-phosphoranyidene)ethanone (NBPPY) ylide with its related complexes with mercury (II) salts and silver nitrate

Author(s): AlirezaDadrass,HassanNasriKoureh,Mamduhea ZavareKhoushsabegha,HojjatollahRahchamani,A.Souldozi

The reaction of the title ylide, Ph3PCHCOC6H4NO2 (NBPPY) (1), withmercury (II) salts in 1:1 ratios using methanol as a solvent produces the mercurated complexes [(NBPPY).HgCl2]2 (2), [(NBPPY).HgBr2]2 (3) [(NBPPY).HgI2]2 (4) and [(NBPPY).Hg(NO3)2] (5) and with silver nitrate in 2:1as [(NBPPY)2.AgNO3] (6) in good yields. Characterization of the obtained compounds was also performed bymeans of elemental analysis, IR, 1H, 13C and 31PNMR data.Atheoretical study of some Hg (II) complexes with phosphonium ylides is also reported

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