Prediction of sodization in coastal irrigated areas.

Author(s): I.Idrissi Alami, A.Rhidouani, M.Addou

Sodium(Na+) contamination of irrigation groundwater is a seriousworldwide problem. TheMnasra zonewhich has an agricultural land area that represents 70%of the total area and its agricultural production reach 12%of the national production is threatened by a sodization of underground waters. We know that this water table is the only ground water source available for this region. In this view, thiswork aims developed a simplemechanistic simulation model for predicting of Future Sodisation inGroundWater located atMnasra zone. According to this study, we predict a sodization of an important area of 5093 Ha, between the years 2007 and 2021. These results will have a negative impact at medium term and at long term on the agricultural production of this region.

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