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Poly-o-toluidine cerium(IV) arsenate nanocomposite ion exchanger: Synthesis, characterisation and applications

Author(s): AparnaMohan, C.Janardanan

Nanocomposite ion exchanger was synthesised by using poly-o-toluidine as organic counterpart and cerium(IV) arsenate as inorganic counterpart. The ion exchange capacity of the material was found to be 1.7meqg-1. Effect of temperature and resusability of the exchanger were studied. The material was characterised using various instrumental techniques like FTIR, XRD, SEM and TG-DTA. Partition coefficient studies shows the material has high affinity towards Hg(II) ions. Binary separations and waste water treatment were successfully carried out using the exchanger. The exchanger is a promising material for heavy metal removal from water.

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