Polyaniline - Zirconium Telluro Tungstate Composite Ion Exchanger: An Ecofriendly and Effective Solid Acid Catalyst for Sucrose Inversion

Author(s): Nimisha KV and Janardanan C

Utility of hetero-polyacid salt based composite cation exchanger polyaniline-zirconium telluro tungstate (PANI-ZrTeW) synthesised by co-precipitation method as solid acid catalyst for sucrose inversion was analysed. Ion exchange capacity, pH titration, thermal stability were investigated to explore ion exchange behaviour of PANI-ZrTeW. The composite exchanger PANI-ZrTeW possess high cation exchange capacity (1.48 meq-1) due to the presence of exchangeable H+ ions, and the catalytic reactions were done with the PANI-ZrTeW and reaction progress were monitored by spectrophotometric methods. Inorder to optimise the sucrose inversion various factors that affect the % yield of the reaction such as reaction temperature, effect of catalyst dosage, pH effect and concentration of sucrose has been studied.

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