Pollution of domestic and industrial water in Tlemcen (Algeria)

Author(s): Faiza Ilias, Wahiba Kholkhal

Pollution of rivers by has become one of the major problems of environment; it results in environmental enrichment on nutrient and algae blooms. The current situation in the region of Tlemcen shows a very serious pollution of effluent, either by industrial effluent or by domestic effluent. This study, based on water pollution and discharges of domestic and industrial waste with a physic-chemical analysis shows high values for the parameters analyzed between 64.1mg/l and 447.2mg/l for BOD5, 42mg/l and 809 mg/l for COD and between 11 mg/l and 283 mg/l for suspended solids and bacteriological analysis confirms the previous analysis shows bacterial pollution from domestic sources. The effluent is used for irrigation and is a threat to the environment, must install sewage treatment plants.

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