Polarographic Determination Of Bioresmethrin

Author(s): T.Raveendranath Babu, N.Y.Sreedhar

The electrochemical characteristics of bioresmethrin have been determined by means of electrochemical techniques such as cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse polargraphy over a wide range of pH from 2.0- 12.0. The title compound exhibits a single well defined peak due to the reduction of the -C=C- mookety present in bioresmethrin. The variation of half-wave potential with the pH, concentration of the title compound, and other experimental conditions is described. The overall reduction process is diffusion-controlled and adsorption free in nature. A possible mechanism for the reduction is suggested. The number of electrons involved in the electrode reduction is two. Investigation was also undertaken for the determination of bioresmethrin in vegetables and in storage bags of rice and wheat under FCI’s storage system.

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