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Plant Bioassay: Method For Assessment Of Genotoxicity

Author(s): Parul Singh, Anjil Kumar Srivastava, Ashok Kumar Singh

To prevent the chromosomal abnormalities and DNA damage in plants induced by environmental chemicals and pollutants, it is necessary to understand the outcome of these aberrations and DNA damages that direct to alter the genetic constituents or structures. Higher plants are usual and outstanding tools to detect the genotoxic effect of mutagens and also tremendous indicators of cytogenetic and mutagenic effects of environmental pollution. Due to conserve structure of genetic material, several plants were used as a test material for bioassay. Due to ease and accuracy of detecting and quantifying plant bioassay previously several workers showed that the detection of genotoxicity is simple and does not require costly laboratory outfit. Several advance techniques were used in recent works in place of chromosomal aberration like Micronucleus test, Sister Chromatid Exchange, Comet assay, FISH test, TUNEL test and recently transgenic plants are using as a biomonitoring tool for environmental pollutants and chemicals. The present review article describes the use of different methods of plant bioaasays for the detection of genotoxins.

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