Physico-chemical studies of uran wetlands Mumbai, Maharashtra

Author(s): Vidya Pradhan, J.D.Shaikh, K.N.Malik, S.S.Gore

Uran, a wetlandwasmonitored for itswater quality fromJanuary 2009 to December 2010. Thesewetlands are highly populated which leeds to environmental deterioration. Rapid growth of population, industrialization and urbanization resulted into pollution of environment. The collected data from the surface waters shown in respect of certain selected water quality parameters showed that the wetland is higher polluted. The physico-chemical parameters of the wetland were studied. The results revealed in some physico-chemical parameters and that to wetland is polluted due to continuous sewage discharge, and important human activities that pose major threats to open ocean biodiversity and ocean dumpling and UV-B radiation.

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