Physicochemical characteristics of the water of six sources located in Tyikomiyne region, watershed of Guir, Morocco oriental

Author(s): H.Taouil, S.Ibn Ahmed, A.El Assyry, N.Hajjaji, A.Srhiri, M.Fadli

In order to effect an assessment of the physico-chemical quality of the water in the sources in Tyikomiyne, Talssint region, eastern Morocco. Many samples ofwater fromthese sourcesweremade during two campaigns in a low water period (May and June of 2011). Spatial variations of some physico-chemical parameters were studied in six sources. The results have shown that the pH values ranged from values close to neutrality to basic values, while the electrical conductivity values were above the reference value set by the European standards and this of the World health Organization (WHO) standards. In addition, in the water of the majority of the studied sources, the noted values of the concentration in Ca2+, Mg2+ and SO4 2- were higher than the guideline value set by the WHO standard. Those chemical characteristics are probably due to the geological nature of the terrain traversed by the water.

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